Ateljé Nord was born in sunny California, but its ethos is firmly rooted in its founder’s hometown of Stockholm.

Scandinavian design is characterized by elegant simplicity, minimalism and functionality, but what is often overlooked is the focus on warmth and coziness that lies at the heart of the Nordic home. 

We believe that spaces evolve over time to reflect the changing moods and tastes of those who live in them, so for design to be truly timeless, it must be pleasing to the heart as well as the eye.

At Ateljé Nord, we are always hunting for ways to make spaces feel unique and fresh, which is why we look to both established talents as well as emerging designers for inspiration. For those who are also on the hunt, we offer a hand-curated selection of high-quality Scandinavian-inspired furnishings and objets d’art - both modern and classic - made with the thoughtfulness and care to ensure they will be lasting additions to your home. We hope you find something that sparks your imagination.

Happy hunting!