Carrie LED Lamp

Carrie LED Lamp


From danish design house Menu - In Denmark, where winters are cold and long, creating a warm, cosy atmosphere is a way of life. There is even a special Danish word for it – hygge – and it is directly tied to Danishes national obsession with candles. The idea behind the Carrie LED Lamp is to honor hygge in the context of modern living and to create a lamp that is lightweight and portable – and easily carried. Use it as a bedside lamp, on an office desk or as an alternative to candles on the dining table. Carrie has a practical USB charger. 

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Designed by Copenhagen based design studio Norm Architects for MENU

L 5.81" W 5.31" H 9.63" 

Made of Glass and Powder coated steel

Comes with a USB charger

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Based in Denmark, Menu lives by a simple philosophy of wanting to make the world better, less complicated and a little bit nicer to wake up to. Through collaborations with super-talented designers, Menu makes objects to be treasured now and
forever with a crisp Scandinavian look. 

Menu is obsessed with clever solutions for modern living with an eye for indispensable products designed for every day use.