Chamfer Crystal Serving Board

Chamfer Crystal Serving Board

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From danish design house Menu- Chamfer is a family of boards inspired by the innate emotional response of humans to precious natural materials. There is simply something fascinating about a weighty piece of glass. Chamfer Boards are made in clear crystal glass. They are designed to function as serving boards or to display objects. 'Chamfer' is a term used by carpenters and artisans to describe a sloping edge. The sloped edge on the Chamfer boards serves a practical purpose, allowing the board to be lifted with ease from the table. Use to serve sushi and other dishes, or to display items.

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Designed by Copenhagen based design studio Norm Architects for MENU  

Small: L 11.81" W 3.94" H 0.98" 

Large: L 11.81" W 7.87" H 0.98" 

Made of Crystal Glass

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Based in Denmark, Menu lives by a simple philosophy of wanting to make the world better, less complicated and a little bit nicer to wake up to. Through collaborations with super-talented designers, Menu makes objects to be treasured now and
forever with a crisp Scandinavian look. 

Menu is obsessed with clever solutions for modern living with an eye for indispensable products designed for every day use.