Darkly Mirror

Darkly Mirror


From danish design house Menu - Darkly Mirror is an exploration of the history of human beings’ relationship with the reflected image. Some historians believe that the earliest mirrors may have been small ceramic bowls filled with water used during the late Stone Age.

The fact that no specific evidence exists to support the theory fascinates designer Nick Ross, whose Darkly Mirror takes inspiration from the ceramic bowls. “That it cannot be proven adds to the object’s mystery. Is this a new object, or an old one reinvented? I wanted to take this notion and create a modern object which questioned its possible past and its relation to ‘the self’.” 

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Designed by Stockholm based Nick Ross Studio for MENU 

L 16" W 4.5" H 16" 

Depth: 0.75" 

Made of Solid Brass, Glass Mirror

MENU Offset Sofa, TR Bulb, Darkly Mirror, Plinth_Low Res 72dpi JPG (RGB)_369119.jpg



Based in Denmark, Menu lives by a simple philosophy of wanting to make the world better, less complicated and a little bit nicer to wake up to. Through collaborations with super-talented designers, Menu makes objects to be treasured now and
forever with a crisp Scandinavian look. 

Menu is obsessed with clever solutions for modern living with an eye for indispensable products designed for every day use.