Jut Cabinet

Jut Cabinet

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A modern cabinet for the living room and hallway. The long, round legs are positioned at the outer corners while the smart brass-handles on the cabinet doors are aligned with the tabletop. The left room is empty while the rooms on the mid and right are each divided by a removable shelf. The tabletop comes in either oak or marble – both materials known for their beautifully vivid structures. 

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Designed by Oslo-based designer Thomas Jenkins for Danish design house Skagerak

Material: Oiled Oak / Brass

Top: Oiled Oak or Marble

Dimensions: L×W×H: 4.13’ × 15.35” × 6.17’

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Skagerak is a family-owned company with historical roots in Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions. With a passion for wood and a focus on quality, Skagerak has developed into a modern design brand with an extensive selection of contemporary products in a wide range of materials, created by established designers as well as up-and-coming talents.

Skagerak's vision is to create products that is ensured a long lifespan by virtue of its aesthetic and functional qualities with products that are made to last and accumulate stories. Because in Skagerak's world, good stories and relationships are what matters most.