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The Nomad tray and ladder are perfect for displaying your most beloved pieces. The rectangular tray is perfect for serving or for organising bits and sundries, and the ladder can be used to store blankets and tea towels. 

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Designed by danish design trio VE2 for Skagerak

Ladder: W 21.65" x D 1.38" x H 76.38"

Small Shelf: W 20.28" x D 7.48" x H 0.98"

Large Shelf: W 20.28" x D 9.84" x H 0.98"

Made of Oak*, Teak**

*Oak is optimal for indoor designs as it is a hard wood with great durability and a particularly light surface that only increases in beauty the more the design is used. Skagerak use slowly growing Croatian oak, which is exceptionally hard. The selection of the wood is extremely careful and all processing is by hand, so that only the best and most durable pieces of wood are used in production. All oak designs by Skagerak are FSC®-certified.

**Teak is second to none as a material for outdoor furniture and designs that are exposed to greater wear in everyday life. It is a dense and hard wood species, which is rich in natural oils and core substances. Core substances enable the wood to resist rot and the natural oils hold the wood fibres together and thereby enable it to resist cracks and splits. All of this gives the wood unique durability and a distinctive surface that patinates from deep red-brown to beautiful silvery grey nuances through time.

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Skagerak is a family-owned company with historical roots in Scandinavian geography and proud furniture traditions. With a passion for wood and a focus on quality, Skagerak has developed into a modern design brand with an extensive selection of contemporary products in a wide range of materials, created by established designers as well as up-and-coming talents.

Skagerak's vision is to create products that is ensured a long lifespan by virtue of its aesthetic and functional qualities with products that are made to last and accumulate stories. Because in Skagerak's world, good stories and relationships are what matters most.