OGK Safari Chair

OGK Safari Chair

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The OGK safari chair shares the same simple aesthetics as the OGK daybed, both designed in the 1960’s by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen. The convenient chair comes in a linen bag with a shoulder strap and it’s fast and easy to assemble – no screws or tools are needed. The frame is made of soaped beech and the cover is natural linen. The OGK safari chair is perfect for lounging in any space – living room, bedroom, terrace and outdoors.

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Designed by danish designer Ole Gjerløv-Khudsen in 1962

H 32.28”  / Seat: W 26.77” x H 12.59”

Made of Untreated Beech, Uncoloured Linen, Sisal

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Skovshoved Møbelfabrik


Founded in 2008, Skovshoved Møbelfabrik, specialises in high-quality Danish furniture with designs that are sourced from various parts of the country. The company takes great pride in its product line with wooden furniture pieces featuring a warm and inviting design. Skovshoved Møbelfabrik also remains committed to environmentally friendly practices by using water based paint. As part of their classic collection, Skovshoved Møbelfabrik’s includes the OGK daybed and OGK safari chair, designed by Ole Gjerløv-Knudsen in the 1960’s.